About Us

About us:

We are a small family business that started as solely as a series of e-commerce stores in Fall of 2015. Our online sales reach people all over the world and we strive to bring the experience of working with a small family business to a large retail presence. We handle all of our merchandise personally to ensure its condition and functionality and we also do our own packaging and shipping. If you have questions about any of our items, we will personally work with you to find an answer.

We currently have three Ebay stores with a wide variety of items for sale. You can get them shipped to your house, or you can pick them up locally in Martinsburg, PA

The three stores can be found:




Now that we have established ourselves as an e-commerce business we are expanding to give back to the local community by opening a store-front retail store as well in the near future. You will be able to stop by for a visit and shop our great deals and variety or if you don’t have time to stop, you can simply scan through some items for recently added deals or visit one of our Ebay stores!

The store has been going great for the last three months and we cannot thank you all enough for your support!