Beaps @ The Fredericksburg Mall

Stop in and join us at our new storefront- Beaps@The Fredericksburg Mall located at 2324 Cove Mountain Road, Martinsburg, PA 16662.

We want to thank everyone who has stopped and supported us so far! We love being your local surplus store, where shopping with us is an adventure because you never know what you are going to find, and we are always trying to get new merchandise out on our shelves!

Don’t want to wait for some great deals? Check out our ebay stores at:

We started as a family e-commerce business roughly 8 years ago, and we will continue to sell online as well, so make sure to check out those ebay stores for great deals that you can purchase online and pick-up locally at our store without paying shipping! But, we will have completely new and different items located in our store front that will not be available online.

Keep checking back for more details and photos of inventory. We will start posting pictures with prices, so you know some of the bigger items we have.

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